Toys production

Dear customers, we would like to introduce the production process of our toys.


The first picture shows different kinds of wood used for production of various toys. The wood is stored in a dry place at constant humidity.

Next operation is cutting the wood.

As soon as a shape of a toy or component is cut out the operation of grounding follows. Wood itself is rather rough so all toys have to be grounded to gain a smooth surface to maintain a toy, which is safe and pleasent for children to touch and explore them.


Painting process is followed only for some toys. Some remain of natural color. Those painted are covered by non-toxic and health-safe paints.

The last operation is an assembly of all parts and compoments of the relevant toy and its packaging. Prior the packaging and shipping to you toys go through final audit.


The quality of our products is the priority No. 1 and to keep the priority we use a laboratory, where not only quality of paints applied but also the quality of toys themselves is checked regularly.

The whole production process is installed in a way that its impact on the evironment is the lowest possible and so that it meets strict ecological standards.


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